Q: How Can I log in to the stream?
A: tiketti.fi will send your ticket after you have purchased it. The ticket
has the website and the access code printed on it, you need to use that access code to be able
log in to the stream.

Q: Can I watch your streams with my browser?
A: East Coast Events Stream TV is browser based streaming service that works on most internet browsers (Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Internet explorer etc.)

Q: Can I watch your streams with my laptop/mobile device?
A: You’ll be able to watch our streams with any laptop or mobile device with internet connection and common internet browser installed on it.

Q: Can I watch your streams from my smart TV?
A: We don’t have smart tv application at the moment. There are ways to mirror/cast your laptop to your TV. For further information please read user manual or contact your device manufacturer.

Q: How do I know that the stream works on my browser?
A: First things first, make sure that you have high speed internet connection available(at least 4mbps), you can test your connection for example at: www.speedtest.net
and also make sure that your browser has been updated to it’s latest version.